What Is A Garden Trolley?

Garden trolleys are tools that are used for most gardening projects but can be used for projects outside of the garden as well. They are designed to transport all your gardening supplies as well as others, around on uneven terrain, such as soil and grass. Also known as yard carts, garden trolleys can be very useful tools for home and commercial gardeners, and are made to handle primarily small jobs. Some names you may have heard in reference to a garden trolley are; yard cart as stated previously, wheelbarrow, push cart, barrow, handcart or go cart.

Basic garden trolleys have four wheels and a cart mostly made of a steel or aluminum mesh. The mesh is rugged and reliable, it allows for drainage of wet materials and soils. Most often garden trolleys have 4 sides around its platform; for great convenience, these sides can be folded down allowing open access to the flat platform. Garden trolleys can be moved about quite easily by way of its attached handle. The trolley most commonly is pulled vs. pushing for its transportation

There are also models of garden trolleys that fold. Garden trolleys that fold can really limit the amount of space your trolley will consume when stored. The folding garden trolleys can be very useful for gardeners with limited storage space, such as apartments and condominiums, as they can be folded down into a very small space.

If you are in the market and ready to purchase a garden trolley, there are a few things you need to do prior to making your purchase. It’s important to take measurements around your yard, garage or shed location. You want to ensure you get the appropriate size garden trolleys that will fit on your walkways, pathway and its storage location. Be sure to check any doorways as well. Know the weight capacity you will need in your trolley.

Many nurseries, home & garden supply stores as well as warehouse wholesale clubs carry garden trolleys, with several different designs available. Aside from retailers and wholesalers, a garden trolley shopper should check online for dealers and manufacturers that specialize in trolleys or trucks in general. Often times, I have found many items that I am in need of can be attained much cheaper if I purchased it online.

Garden trolley consumers ensure that you check the construction quality of the trolley, looking for a trolley which is rugged and reliable, with large wheels which will not get stuck or lack stability on rough ground. When shopping for a garden trolley a consumer should also put a lot of thought into specific features they want in their garden trolleys, such as a tool caddy, folding sides, and so forth.

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