Plan A Beautiful Yard With The Help Of Plant Nurseries

As spring approaches people’s thoughts turn to spending more time outdoors. Doing so usually includes planting trees and flowers and beautifying the backyard. Novice and experienced gardeners alike can benefit from advice from the local plant nursery. In the Riverside, CA area there are some nurseries that can help people get the plants, trees and landscaping materials they need. Whether one lives in the Ontario, Walnut or Corona, CA areas or elsewhere, a more beautiful yard is possible with a little help from a garden and nursery center.

An interesting alternative to a front lawn is a front yard that features ornamental plantings, boulders, driftwood and other decorative items. Not only do these arrangements save mowing the front lawn, but they also offer a distinctive look that can reflect the homeowner’s style. The local nursery is not only home to a big selection of plants and trees, but often provides gardeners with a number of choices of stone, benches, wrought iron furniture and other accent pieces. A good rule of thumb is to ask the nursery staff which plants will do well as perennial centerpieces in a decorative front yard setting. Perhaps some ivy would look well climbing a fence or wall near the front door. Maybe some tulip bulbs planted in a circle garden would add color to the plant groupings. The nursery staff can help plan a mixture of annual and perennial plantings that will grow well in one’s particular setting.

Nurseries can offer many ideas for making the most of a backyard space. In the backyard, if one doesn’t already have a deck, a brick patio offers many possibilities. Many nurseries offer landscaping materials like brick and stone for people to use for patios and garden borders. If a person doesn’t want to dig up the yard for a garden, container gardening offers a viable plant growing alternative. Tomatoes, peppers, green beans and many other vegetables can be grown in containers. Trellises or wire cages help keep the plants protected and allow vine-producing plants to climb. All of the items needed for growing vegetables and flowers — seeds, plants, potting soil, planters and more — are available at the local nursery. One of the helpful services that nurseries provide is delivery of bulk items. Usually for a small delivery charge the nursery will deliver the soil, containers, seeds and plants to a customer’s home. This convenience makes it easy for budding horticulturists to get started with their new container gardens.

Re-seeding the lawn is a common practice that homeowners face every year. Nurseries can advise people on what types of grass seed will grow best in the local area. Many people rely on chemically-based preparations to help maintain their lawns. While there are nurseries who sell pesticides and chemically-based lawn treatments, there are some garden centers who espouse natural lawn care. Natural lawn care is a growing trend in the United States. This option is worth looking into especially if one is concerned about human and animal contact with the potentially hazardous chemicals in some lawn products. People can completely revitalize their yards with the help of their neighborhood nursery. Ornamental plantings, container gardening and organic-based lawn care techniques are but a few of the landscaping tips nurseries offer to their customers.

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