Get Your Garden Prepared For The British Summer

So I know that we haven’t had a good start to the summer, with parts of the UK suffering from severe weather warnings. However, we did have some beautiful hot weather in the Spring with large parts of the country suffering from hose pipe bans.

The bonus that has come from this random weather is that our gardens are now thriving. The early season heat encouraged the gardens to start blooming and the recent rain has made the grass and plants thrive.

With the bad weather nearly over, I am sure we will have a beautiful late summer. So now it’s time to get your garden in top shape. Here are a few tips:

• Cut your grass – freshly mowed grass can make a world of difference to your garden
• Trim your hedges – trim your hedges back into a nice shape which instantly makes the garden look tidier.
• De-head any dead flowers
• Weed the flower beds
• Pick up any fallen leaves or any other rubbish in your garden
• Give your fences and sheds a fresh lick of paint.
• Clean your patio/decking areas

You can also attract wildlife to your garden by putting out bird feed and water. Having a wide range of plants will also attract wildlife.

If you have the space, it’s not too late to start a veggie patch. There are plenty of vegetables which can be planted now to be harvested later in the year. Growing your own vegetables is a great way of providing nutritious cheap veg for your family and friends.

Have designated areas in your garden. If you have children, keep all the toys in one area of the garden, this then keeps the garden tidy and you can protect your plants from little hands/ball games! It is good to have specific areas in your garden for seating and entertaining. Spend some time looking at what areas of the garden get sunshine at different times of the day, and then utilize these areas dependent on your own needs.

Each garden can be used as another room in your house. Dependent on your lifestyle you can use the garden for family time, family meals, entertaining friends and family, romantic days and evening or parties. For each of these uses you need to make sure you have the right garden furniture sets for your needs.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes so it may not always be practical to have large table and chair sets or big garden sofas. Storage of your garden furniture also needs to be considered, we know that for most of the year the garden is out of use! So it may be more practical to think about folding tables and chairs, these are easy to store when not in use.

The main thing you should remember about a garden is that it should be enjoyed, it might be hard work to get it in top shape but it’s worth it if you make the time to enjoy it.

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