Is Your Garden Prepped To Survive Winter And Flourish Next Spring?

By implementing a few simple gardening techniques to your garden in the fall you can help nurture a healthier vegetable garden that’s enriched and revitalized when the spring growing season rolls around. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of a more productive vegetable patch and harvest fresh produce far earlier and with less effort.

Fall Garden Clean-Up

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Pointers To Selecting The Right Soil

“The earth is the mother of us all – plants, animals and men. The phosphorus and calcium of the earth build our skeletons and nervous systems. Everything else our bodies need except air and sun comes from the earth.” -Henry A. Wallace, in the Foreword to “Soils and Men,” the 1938 Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Without soils, no life could exist on earth. The lowly bacterial cell and the massive pachyderm both owe their being to this basic stuff of life. A bird in flight, a mole burrowing beneath your lawn, borers eating blindly into the heart of a great oak – all are linked by their common dependency on the elements of existence they draw from the soil.

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