Bonsai For Beginners – How To Take Care Of A Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree growing is a rewarding hobby. It rewards both the senses and the wallet, as bonsai can be a lucrative business, too apart from its comforting presence inside the home. The presence of bonsai in an office or dwelling is said to level off negative vibration and stress; the relaxing effect of nature never fails to soothe the nerves.

The origin of the word Bonsai comes from a combination of Japanese words that literally means planting in a tray. In their containerized environment, bonsai trees easily become indoor ornaments, although it remains crucial for bonsai to be exposed to its natural environment once in a while, otherwise it will wither and die.

If you are a nature lover, but like most people have to spend their days in an office without windows, let alone some vegetation, probably caring for a bonsai is just the therapy you need.

Eastern cultures take the art of bonsai tree growing in line with feng shui principles. However, in other cultures not privy to these set of beliefs, it is enough that they successfully grow their bonsai. Here are 5 tips on how to care for a bonsai tree:

1. Choose the Bonsai tree that absolutely fascinates you. Make sure your heart skips a beat when you see it. Bonsais are delicate and you should be happy and relaxed when tending them, not see them as yet another chore, otherwise they will not thrive.

2. Pick the perfect spot for your bonsai before you even buy one. Choose a location where it gets enough light and air, and shield them from strong currents and hot areas.

3. Just like any other plant, Bonsai tree needs water, but all Bonsais need a little more attention than regular plants when it comes to their watering needs. Too much can be bad, and too little may just thwart their growth as well. The rule of thumb is to maintain the soil moist- moist not wet, at all times. During summer, your Bonsai will probably need water on daily basis, but at other times, you can hold watering back a little longer.

4. Fertilizers are a must. You need to visit your local florist or botanist, or even an online gardening store to find the adequate fertilizer for your kind of Bonsai. Usually bonsai trees just need this treatment every other month.

5. Cultivate love for your Bonsai! Have you not heard that plants thrive beautifully when you “talk” to them?
It may sound like a lot of labor, but caring for your plant will take you less than 10 minutes a day. What it provides in return no money can buy. How much would you be willing to pay in exchange for peace and natural beauty right inside your home? Plus, bonsai tree growing provides a perfect opportunity for you to care for nature and save the planet. How’s that for starters?

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